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The segmentation strategy used by Tropicana is very smart as it tries to reach the highest profit levels for the company. Private-label products also increased over the period of the blunder. The brand can lose fans, weaken its advantage in the marketplace or even become subject to legal issues. Some of Tropicana’s competitors also appeared to have benefited from the mistake such as Minute Maid, Florida’s Natural and Tree Ripe who posted double-digit unit sales increases during the period for some of their product flavours. He has an approach to branding that he calls PowerBranding that he has developed and uses with his customers. Copyright © 2020. Researching the competition helps you understand what established businesses in your industry have done: where they have failed, where they have succeeded and where you can give your brand an advantage. We’ll give you a free gift if your content gets published. The new packaging design was however widely rejected and criticized by the majority of Tropicana customers, and the initial launch of the new packaging was such a failure that the company eventually had to revert back to the original version. Private-label products also increased over the period of the blunder. • Consumer dissatisfaction. Highly recommend to anyone who spends the majority of their life in an office. Check out the best Product Manager podcast out there. “Do any of these package-design people actually shop for orange juice?” one e-mail sender asked rhetorically. Never forget the #economics of the #workplace..... What good is a body clock if it doesn't know when, Your #workinglife for the next five days has begun, It's important to know your figures if you #work i, What activities will your #Sunday include over the. Click Here! No matter how beautiful your logo, if it doesn’t connect, it won’t help you achieve your brand goals. On January 9th 2009, the PepsiCo-owned drinks division took the decision to replace its package design for the North American market with an updated creative execution. The customer service is second to none. But if you’ve been a marketer for any length of time, you also know how easy it is. What Product Managers Can Learn From The Tropicana Mistake. W1nners' Club Trading Ltd t/a The W1nners' Club, Chemical giant DuPont loses $100 million developing Corfam leather. The great thing about Tropicana Pure Premium® is that taste and nutrition go hand in hand. Facebook offers millions of dollars in refunds to advertisers tripped by measurement mistake. Now you could see the product. Delivery was really quick and i'll definitely be buying from you in the future! In the original version the information is logically structured to make the shopper’s selection as easy as possible, with emphasis being placed initially on the brand, secondly on the type of juice and thirdly on the supporting information ie: The redesign’s Information structure doesn’t factor in the needs of the shopper as much. According to Peter, it’s about squeezing, giving eachother hugs, and “the power of love.” Unfortunately for him, there just wasn’t enough love to go round, but it does seem like the orange-coloured boobie is here to stay.. Their 2009 product packaging mistake cost the company $30 million! That wasn’t something that came out in the research.”. “Because I do, and the new cartons stink,” whilst others said that the redesign made it more difficult to distinguish between the different varieties of Tropicana or to differentiate Tropicana from other orange juice brands. With the new design, something that had been so very familiar was all of a sudden very strange. I bought a grippy anti slip mat for my car dashboard and it really works! Research showed Tropicana that about ... Had Tropicana made a major mistake … I had a discussion with a marketing consultant about this piece of “marketing malpractice” and she assured me that Pepsi had made a huge mistake by … “For companies that put consumers at the centre of what they do,” he said, “it’s a good thing.”, Mr. Campbell stated that it wasn’t the volume of the outcry that led to the company’s change of heart because such detractors constituted, “a fraction of a percent of the people who buy the product.” Instead, the criticism was heeded because it came from some of “our most loyal consumers.”. Free Delivery to the UK and Europe on all orders over £70. The tweets featuring the hashtag “#WorstMorningEver” were reviewed by the team, and the more interesting ones are used and displayed in the subway, on busses, in stores, on billboards or on taxis. which have helped the brand grow. Tropicana faced a barrage of angry letters, e-mail messages and telephone calls and clamoured en masse for a return to the product’s original look. At The Branding Journal we like to feature branding success stories, however sometimes analyzing branding failures is even more interesting, as it allows us to learn from past mistakes. The original image of the orange with a straw is arguably one of the most iconic images in the food industry and the questionable move to the far less creative and more ordinary standard glass of orange juice could be viewed as a wasteful disposal of much-loved iconography. Quick delivery too! Your research should include products, services, target audiences, websites and social platforms. Did you check with your customers first? ... marketing and publishing vets open media and entertainment company . Available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Your email address will not be published. "About five years ago [Tropicana] went to this very clean but kind of cold-looking logo, and their sales dropped 20% in one month. Orders must be made before 12 o’clock midday. I use them on my desktop, and they are amazing! The smooth bends and curves of the logotype in the original package branding effectively convey the natural nature of the product whereas the logotype of the redesign could be considered cold, corporate and lacking any human touch or handcrafted character. Subscribe to The Accidental Product Manager Newsletter now: : Free subscriptions to the brand-new The Accidental Product Manager Newsletter are now available. The idea is creative and interesting and the packaging and subsequent advertising campaign included the statement, “Squeeze, it’s a natural” as its slogan. Not all products have this kind of bonding with their customers, but it’s the responsibility of the product manger to check – you wouldn’t want to become the next Tropicana-like disaster. Pure Premium, 100% Pure and Natural Orange Juice. Why not send them over to us? Up until now the poster product for this kind of MAJOR screw-up has always been new Coke. However, someone has taken its place – Tropicana. After its package redesign, sales of the Tropicana Pure Premium line plummeted 20% between Jan. 1 and Feb. 22, costing the brand tens of millions of dollars. Would you be showing up in shorts and flip-flops? Just received the Giant headphone speakers that I won from you recently! The original labelling appears along the top sealed edge and across the front which allows product variations to be easily distinguished at a quick glance, but with the redesign, the labelling of the juice type along the top and across the front became inconsistent and the thin coloured strip was much less noticeable – thus demanding a far greater investment of time and concentration from shoppers. So if you could wear anything that you wanted to work, what would it be? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There’s no arguing that the new design was well thought out (new Coke was well thought out also), but  the product manager had not asked customers the key question: is it ok if I change the design? Marketing Strategies of Tropicana Brand Marketing Marketing Strategies This year, PepsiCo announced that they want to double the business of Tropicana by the year 2020 as there is a drastic fall in the aerated drinks business as the consumer has shifted to drinking and staying healthy. “Part one and part two were absolutely insane, but this next one in the trilogy is off the f*cking chain! Guaranteed UK next day delivery on products purchased with a birthday or leaving card. Start by crafting a creative brief. Some people described the new packaging as “ugly” or “stupid,” and said that it resembled “a generic bargain brand” or a “store brand.”. It can be surprisingly easy for brands to make an embarrassing blunder on social media, but knowing why mistakes happen is the first step toward avoiding a brand fail. The upper arched curved Tropicana typeface is gone and overall, their packaging design just looks rather bland and generic. By using similar words to the ones that people use in their daily lives, a brand becomes much friendlier, which in turn renders the product more familiar and any information being shared more memorable. by Brandfolder. That’s why audience testing … Product in the Marketing Mix of Tropicana : Tropicana produces and sells different fruit juices. Tropicana's product (re)design 1. Neil Campbell who was president at Tropicana North America, acknowledged that consumers can now communicate with marketers “more readily and more quickly” than ever before. There's always an excuse for going missing if you, The only thing that can truly kick-start the econo, A technical innovation for all you #audiophile bod, Who's ready for some serious #workplace #mondaymot, Beertimus Prime, the only one of the #transformers, It's now possible to play #supermario in the real. It has to take care of the external influencing factors like consumers’ requirements and appeal, and internal constraints like manufacturing process, economies of scale, etc. In our opinion Tropicana shouldn’t be too concerned about its package redesign fail. key marketing staff indicating significant consumer displeasure with the newly-launched ... PepsiCo announced a package re-design and accompanying new marketing campaign for the Tropicana product line (Zmuda, 2009). Got any funny pictures or videos of people doing insane or just plain weird things in your office? Tropicana Marketing From the case study, take a position on whether Tropicana did or did not make a major mistake in changing its product packaging. They’ve got a big problem with their product: you can’t see the juice that you are buying. It’s your product, it’s your career, it’s your responsibility. “Those consumers are very important to us, so we responded,” he stated. How will you be sliding into your #weekend.....? • Tropicana's redesign (packaging mistake). Million-Dollar Branding Mistakes From Fubu, Pepsi and More. Vitamin C helps support a healthy immune system – and 100% of your daily vitamin C is in every glass. Bingo. !” *****. The products i purchased from this website were amazing. ... Tropicana, Pepsi). Some pundits said they weren't recognizable," Ryan said. The juice type labels of: No Pulp, Some Pulp, and Lots of Pulp have a natural feel and are resonant of everyday speech. 24 thoughts on “ Tropicana: when CCOs go wrong ” Tom Guarriello April 22, 2009 at 8:03 AM. The sales figures came out to reveal sales of the Tropicana Pure Premium line had plummeted by a whopping 20% . All of this can cost the business millions or more. September 8, 2013 June 3, 2009 by drjim. You may be surprised to know that even major brands like Tropicana have bombed with their product packaging. Learn how your comment data is processed. ‍ ‍ 2. What was up with this? So you get what you want and what you love. Despite this being a negative example of packaging power, it’s important to bear in mind that this same power influence can often work in the opposite direction. Marketers and brand strategists should therefore retain a degree of respect for their packaging whilst sustaining a deep commitment to leveraging such a brand asset with carefully executed and methodical procedures if any changes take place to ensure that consumers accept any changes in a positive way. Have you ever had to change your product’s packaging design? Mistake 9: Not Testing. Product design is an important aspect of any manufacturing company. Subscribe to The Accidental Product Manager Newsletter now: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Accidental Product Manager Newsletter, New Coke: A Product Manager Campfire Story, What Product Managers Can Learn From A $100,000 Mistake, Product Logo Redesign Time For Product Mangers, How Product Managers Can Make Their Web Site Work For Their Product, Your Mother Was Right: How Product Managers Dress For Success. Won a splats Stan coaster arrived quickly and useful with fun element., horny husband watches jewels jade slam another man. Some of Tropicana’s competitors also appeared to have benefited from the mistake such as Minute Maid, Florida’s Natural and Tree Ripe who posted double-digit unit sales increases during the period for some of their product flavours. recommended you read, Hope Your Birthday Is As Gay As You Funny Birthday Card, Time to Rescue Some Prosecco Funny Birthday Card, Have the #midweek blues kicked in for you at #work, If we ever change our #branding to better reflect. Everything was spot on. Next, suggest the next two (2) steps that you believe Tropicana should take in its branding strategy in order to counteract the initial negative response to the new product packaging. My 9-5 couldn't be complete without them!! Sounds like a winner, eh? There are several benefits when you #workfromhome. Awesome!! My new deskfan is doing the business keeping me cool every day!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you are thinking. The public was outraged – the Internet blew up with critics and not satisfied with just bashing the new design, folks also went after Arnell. As of 2020, there are several marketing strategies like product/service innovation, marketing investment, customer experience etc. We know that everyone makes mistakes, even big companies with thousands of employees.

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