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California State Knife Laws. Further reform would push New Hampshire over the threshold of being the utmost friendliest states for knife owners in the United States. For the most part, pocket knives aren’t overly long. As such, they fall under this category. Thanks to the works of fine organizations like Knife Rights (, there have been many states that have overturned their ancient laws regarding knives and OTF’s. This is the most serious misdemeanor in that state. We've listed knife laws by state for switchblades, butterfly knives & other knives for all 50 states. All ballistic knives are illegal to possess; Schools are ‘weapon-free zones’ Blades longer than 3 inches are illegal on public properties. A review of New Hampshire’s legislative docket suggests that changes in the state’s knife laws are not on the horizon. 22. Switchblades, gravity knives, and other automatic knives are banned here. The knife laws of the state allow a considerable amount of concealed carrying legal up to the level of court interpretation. Switchblades, gravity knives, automatic and assisted opening knives are legal. The following states do NOT prohibit auto-open (also referred to as automatic, switchblade or switch knife) for non-law enforcement citizens. A huge number of convicts are arrested every year for possessing and carrying knives illegally (especially the gravity knives). Balisongs/butterfly knives are legal. Minnesota is a state with odd, and seemingly contradictory knife laws. California. If you are traveling you must also abide by each cities code that you pass through. You must abide by both the laws in the city in which you reside as well as the in the state in which you reside or the state where you currently are in. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. U.S.C. States where Knife Rights has enacted Repeal of a Switchblade Ban are Italics with Date. US knife laws by state. Users are cautioned not to rely on this information as legal advice or as an alternative to legal advice from a licensed attorney. Preemption ensures residents and travelers can expect consistent enforcement of state knife laws everywhere in a state. Alabama Knife Laws What is Legal Alabama has one of the best knife laws in the US.If you don’t like legal speak, here is the basics of what are legal under Alabama knife laws. A violation of this law can lead to felony charges and a penalty of up to four years in state prison. Of course, that isn’t to say that there aren’t long pocket knives. All states have their own laws and regulations in regards to knife carrying and possession. There are restrictions for carrying dangerous weapons such as dirks, daggers too. New York City: Illegal to own a knife; No gravity knives. Knife laws in Maine are quite similar to the previous state’s knife laws but here the laws are stricter, especially on the concealment issue. Knife Rights’ LegalBlade™ app provides guidance at your fingertips to the knife laws of all 50 states, the District of Columbia and over 40 cities. The American Knife and Tool Institute has launched a revised version of its website,, with improved features for members and accurate information about the laws that impact knife businesses and owners in every state. This is simply because they are considered as harmful weapons which may cause harm. US Knife Laws- State Knife Laws by State 1. October 29, 2020 by Tim Makay. While the Minnesota statutes are quite lengthy, and the intricacy of the wording often gives the impression that a law is more restrictive than it actually is, the state is surprisingly permissive when it comes to the type and style of knives … Stilettos, dirks, and toothpick knives are legal. Delaware is a state of contrasts when it comes to knife laws, though you might find it one of the more permissive New England states in spite of a variety of restrictions. They also explain how legal knives should be carried and used. §15-29-1241. Also, the knife laws are quite descriptive and complex to be understood. Knife legislation is defined as the body of statutory law or case law promulgated or enacted by a government or other governing jurisdiction that prohibits, criminalizes, or restricts the otherwise legal manufacture, importation, sale, transfer, possession, transport, or use of knives.. Note: This is a general overview of the laws and we recommend looking at the actual statutes for the regulations or consulting a lawyer. The state laws stipulate the kinds of knives that are illegal to own. Also, there are many other states that have knife-friendly laws with little to no restrictions but may not yet have preemption. It’s tough to know whether or not you’re in compliance with the law concerning edged weapons. May 5, 2017 - Find out if switchblades are legal in your state. The only exception is ballistic knives, which are banned from possession and carrying. Certain knives are used mostly for protection, for hunting, and for handyman work. But there is some good news, This is an excellent resource built by the American Knife & Tool Institute with the help of an expert attorney. MYTH: Switchblades / OTF Knives and Balisongs (butterfly knives) are illegal everywhere without exception Not true. For more information on knife laws… New York is very strict in its laws. OTF Knife State Laws; Uncategorized; Updated State Laws for OTF Knives…. However, for specific states, you have to be careful because owning a deadly weapon in the state like Washington will be accountable to the owner of the knife. Knife laws within a state are controlled through state laws, in our case there are none in Utah. This information IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. Delaware State Knife Laws. Citizens can carry any folding blade knife, but a fixed blade, such as a dagger or dirk, must be open-carry in a sheath at the waist. Share. Preemption prevents enforcement of existing local knife ordinances and prohibits new ordinances more restrictive than state laws, which only serve to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state. Tweet. T. he Granite State, however, is not too far from being number one. Knife Laws by State 2020. Knives! Definitions As used in this chapter - (a) The term ''interstate commerce'' means commerce between any State, Territory, possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia, and any place outside thereof. Delaware happily allows the open carry of pretty much any kind of knife, and a great variety of knives, so long as one has a concealed weapons permit. Switchblades, gravity knives, automatic and assisted opening knives are legal. However, each state has different regulations on the types of knives that people can have. US Knife Laws; 0 New York Knife Laws. Owning, carrying and using them is therefore highly restricted in Texas. Owning a knife is not illegal within the United States. And no one's supposed to have anything scary like a switchblade, throwing star or sword. Knowledge of the law is the first step in avoiding an unfortunate arrest, loss of your knife or other legal complications. No knives over 4 inches. Pin. US Knife Laws- State Knife Laws by State 1. If you’re reading this in the future, some information may have changed. Either pointy and scary or practical and useful, depending on who you ask. A law currently being violated at every restaurant in the state. Illinois law states that you can carry any knife so long as it is legal and do not intend to harm or break the law!--Here are a few QUICK FACTS to keep you in safe hands from the LAW. And that's reflected in our bizarre hodgepodge of unclearly written knife laws. It has been a busy few years in the world of knife laws / de-regulations…. Stilettos, dirks, and toothpick knives are legal. Knife laws in the Badger State allow residents and visitors to conceal carry a legal to own knife. The law states that if these knives were carried hidden from observation, the carrier is deemed guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. Kansas isn’t alone in having knife laws that are unconstitutionally vague. There is room to conceal-carry knives like multitools and box cutters because of their use as working tools. State knife laws are as confusing and convoluted as State gun laws. Illegal to own a knife; You can't own a knife unless you're a US Citizen. This law does not permit knives disguised as other objects. Knife laws differ for various states in the United States, and then there are federal laws which also require consideration. 0 Shares. 10. Georgia. 4.3. We've listed knife laws by state for switchblades, butterfly knives & other knives for all 50 states. Oct 18, 2014 - Find out if switchblades are legal in your state. Check State Knife Laws for specific details on possession, carry, manufacturer or sale as some restrictions may apply in a specific state… The LegalBlade™ App is available for FREE in the App Store and on Google play. A person guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor means that he is punishable for up to 1 year in jail or he can be fined up to $2500, or both. We've listed knife laws by state for switchblades, butterfly knives & other knives for all 50 states. The carrying of knives in public is forbidden or restricted by law in many countries. California law says that a knife can definitely fall into the category of a “deadly weapon.” An ADW, then, includes when a person commits an assault while using a knife. Most laws about non-firearm weapons are by state, with very few existing at the Federal level. Most laws are knife-friendly. May 6, 2017 - Find out if switchblades are legal in your state. Knife Rights cannot offer legal advice. Balisongs/butterfly knives are legal. Some of the examples of these prohibited knives are: The law states that knives which are over 3.5 inches in length are illegal to carry concealed, which means that a knife 3.5 inches or shorter is completely legal to carry. Alabama Knife Laws What is Legal Alabama has one of the best knife laws in the US.If you don’t like legal speak, here is the basics of what are legal under Alabama knife laws.

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